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Bottle Cutting Newsletter #21

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The newest Kinkajou accessory is now available for an introductory sale price of $12.99. The Soy Candle Making Kit includes all you need to make five all natural candles in bottles you have cut with the Kinkajou.



We developed a new video to really get to the point about how easy it is to cut and finish bottles using the Kinkajou and accessories. Click the picture above to watch!

The Cut out and Keep craft blog is featuring the Kinkajou this week in their giveaway. Check out the post here to enter

Taken from a great blog post written by  Margaret Bicker on January 7, 2016.
Using a kinkajou bottle cutter, Shine cut the top off of an empty bottle of Lead the Way IPA. Then he sanded the cut edge carefully and thoroughly to make it safe and comfortable for drinking. The result was a one-of-a-kind beer glass that memorializes a good evening, a great beer and a lasting friendship.  Check out the entire story here:



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