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Candle of the Week

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2017 Candles of the Week


Week 5 SOS Save our Shore A Charitable Pilsner by Abita Brewing Company. 

Week 4 New Belgium Lips of Faith Series 2015 Le Terroir Ale.  The Lips of Faith Series are beautiful bottles!


Week 3 Saint Archer IPA.  Great simple label on this bottle.  A collection of all the Saint Archers would make a great candle set!


Week 2 Kismet India Pale Ale.  The subtle lines on this label stand out nicely with the white soy wax in the bottle.


Week 1 Coronado Brewing Islander IPA.  The Coronado mermaid logo makes a gorgeous candle!


Our newest bottle cutting accessory is the Soy Candle Making Kit.  We have been having so much fun making candles in some of our favorite bottles, that we decided to start sharing them!  Here is our first candle of the week, Mammoth Brewing 395 IPA with our natural soy wax and wooden wick.  So easy to make and the perfect unique home accent.


Candle of the Week #2: 330 ml Corona.  The pure soy wax looks great in this bottle!


Candle of the week #3  Rogue Dead Guy Ale


Candle of the week #4  Sol bottle makes a nice small candle.



Candle of the week #5 So many Stone bottles to use for gorgeous candles.


Candle of the Week #6  Nice sized Corona Light


Candle of the Week #7 The shapely bottom of a Smirnoff bottle makes a great candle!


Candle of the Week #8 Heineken The soy wax looks great in the green bottle.


Candle of the week #9: Ciroc Red Berry.  The color gradient on the bottle looks great with the white soy wax.


Candle of the Week #10  This Bud Light bottle is transformed easily with our Soy Wax Candle Kit!


Candle #11 Just one of the Skinny Girl bottles that turns into a fantastic candle.


Candle of the week #12  Mill Street Organic Beer, a great Canadian brew.


Candle of the Week #13  Red Stripe Light.  Cute little candle made from this popular Jamaican beer bottle.


Candle of the Week #14  Absolut Ruby Red.  The absolute bottles made great candles, with a good thickness of frosted glass.


Candle of the Week #15  Tennessee Vanilla Cream Ale.  The perfect bottle for an all natural soy vanilla bean candle!


Candle of the Week #16  Bud Light Lime.  The perfect bottle for an all natural soy key lime pie candle.


Candle of the Week #17: Relax Riesling.  The soy wax looks great in the blue bottle and the coloured glow when its lit is amazing!


Candle of the Week #18: Belching Beaver IPA 78.  The one pint painted beer bottles made some of the best candles!


Candle of the Week #19: Grey Goose.  This bottle makes a gorgeous candle in any size!


Candle of the Week #20: Pellegrino Mineral Water.  We did our best to preserve the paper label on this popular non-alcoholic beverage.


Candle of the Week #21: Stone Pale Ale 355ml.  The smaller Stone bottles are the perfect candle size too.


Candle of the Week #22:  Black Horse Brewery Hefeweizen 1 Pint.  Some painted labels fill in nicely with the wax inside the bottle!


Candle of the Week #23:  Just in time for apple picking season.  Julian Hard Cider
1 Pint.


Candle of the Week #24:  PSL season is here! And here's our pumpkin candle to go with it.  Saison Dupump from the Canadian Great Lakes Brewery.


Candle of the Week #25:  Tank House Ale 341ml Cute little candle, so easy to make!


Candle of the week #26: Stone Delicious IPA 355ml.  Love the bright green on this Stone bottle.


Candle of the Week #27:  Muskoka Brewery Mad Tom IPA.  Cute little candle from a Canadian brewery.


Candle of the Week #28  Nice large 710ml Corona bottle makes a gorgeous candle.


Candle of the Week #29 Saint Archer Pale Ale.  The blue on the label looks fantastic with the soy wax in the bottle!


Candle of the Week #30 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine.  We love our Stone candles.


Candle of the Week #31  Rogue Farms all natural soy candle.


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