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New Kinkajou Separation Ties

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The original Kinkajou Bottle Cutter released in 2012 came with 3 sets of black separation rings of various sizes to help with the separation process.  These were not very stretchy and did not fit some bottle sizes very well.  So we redesigned the rings and made them out of a more stretchy blue silicone material.  Unfortunately the quality of silicone was not consistent and some rings broke easily and needed to be replaced.  Looking for a more user friendly option, we redesigned the rings again and went with a more flexible solution.  The new red separation ties are fashioned after a zip tie but can be used more than once.  The sturdy silicone material hugs the bottle well (but does not need to be super tight), and the size of the ties can be altered to fit any bottle easily.  We include the ties with the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter to help channel the hot and cold water over the score line to help with a cleaner separation.  We are always striving to make the bottle cutting experience efficient and fun!  Check out the video explaining the new Separation Ties.


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