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The New Saber Tooth Diamond Sanding Pad Kits are Now Available!

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Put away the elbow grease and get ready to be amazed!  The finishing process just became a whole lot easier and faster.  We originally were going to design some sort of sanding machine because we have known from the start that sanding down the lip after separation is the hardest part of the bottle cutting process. We built a few prototypes but we could just not get a design that was simple and user friendly enough. Then inspiration hit and we started trying out different diamond pad options.  We found them bulky and a little difficult to use on a round surface so we developed a design with curved edges to allow the diamond surface to easily hug the curve of the bottle and eat away the sharp edges.  And voila!  The Saber Tooth Diamond Sanding Pad was born.  These pads will allow you to get any bottle to a nice smooth, beveled finish in 5 minutes or less.  We are always innovating and improving the bottle cutting experience!  Purchase yours today and be amazed!  Check out the demonstration video.

Kinkajou saber tooth

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