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Bottle Cutting Newsletter #15

By Jen Campbell
Posted in Bottle Cutting Blog, on July 29, 2015

The new Saber Tooth Sanding Pad Kit is now in stock and available for purchase! Check out the video above for an amazing demonstration of how these pads change everything.  Finish any bottle to a perfect smooth bevel in 5 minutes or less.  https://youtu.be/ylVIXKjr0o4


Introducing the new Kinkajou JR Bottle Cutter available today for purchase.  It's smaller size makes it perfect for beer bottles and smaller projects.  It can cut bottles as small as 25 mm or 1 inch diameter.  Make your own custom guitar slides with the Kinkajou JR!


Nick Barth from OnMilwaukee.com demonstrated the Kinkajou on WISN ABC.  Check it out!