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Color Voting Results and Other News

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The results are in and the winner is … Fresh Green with 21.1% of the vote. The runner up is Cherry Red with 19.6% of the vote (see below for all results).

The two top colors were so close! I’ve decided that both Fresh Green and Cherry Red will make the official Kinkajou line up :)

The four official colors are:

- Bright White
- Deep Black
- Fresh Green
- Cherry Red

The Kinkajou Facebook Promotion - Still Active Until the End of September

For every 100 Facebook "likes" from now until September 30th, I will give away one free Kinkajou. All winners will be announced in early October. To enter, click on the Facebook "like" button in the top right section.

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Voting results:

Cherry Red 19.6%
Cornflower Blue 5.6%
Dark Grey 4.2%
Dusk 6.0%
Fresh Green 21.1%
Graphite 17.1%
Mid Blue 6.0%
Nectarine 10.0%
Purple 4.0%
Sky Blue 6.4%


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