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Onward and Upward :)

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I wanted to check in and make sure everyone who supported this project has received their reward and is enjoying the experience of bottle cutting.

I’ve been getting lots of feedback which I really appreciate. Keep it coming. For those who have been keeping an eye on this site I’m sure you noticed that we been sold out of Kinkajous for a couple months now. There’s a reason for that I would now like to explain. Back in December 2012 I placed an order for my second batch of Kinkajous. At the same time I was getting feedback from those who had already received their Kinkajous. Over all the feedback was great, except for one issue that kept coming up. Some people (not the majority) were having difficulties getting a perfect score line. The perfectionist in me could not let this go. So I stopped the second production run and took the first flight to China to further investigate this issue. A few months later I’m happy to report that the Kinkajou has been improved. I’ve moved away from the 16 wheel design in favor of 8 rollers. The result is a more consistent perfect score line. Every Kinkajou going forward will be this new design.

Now what about everyone who’s already purchased a Kinkajou and would like to try this updated design? Well I’ve created an upgrade kit. These kits will allow you to convert your current Kinkajou to the updated model. I would love to give everyone this for free but it’s just not feasible and the majority of kinkajou owners are not having issues getting a perfect score line. My compromise is to sell the upgrade kit for $5.00 plus shipping to your location. Again I wish I could give these away shipping included but I can’t.

The upgrade kits are being manufactured as I type this. They should land at my US warehouse in about 30 to 45 days. I will post some photos soon.

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