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Janey (Purple/Orange) + Friday Jabirus
Gator (Blue/Orange) + Friday Jabirus
Florida (Blue/Gold) + Onyx Jabirus
Deep Black (Black/Blue) + Onyx Jabirus
Bright White (White/Blue) + Friday Jabirus
Deep Black (Black/Blue) + Friday Jabirus
Michigan (Green/White) + Friday Jabirus
Fiji (Aqua/White) + Friday Jabirus
Florida (Blue/Gold) + Friday Jabirus
Arizona (Burgundy/Yellow) + Friday Jabirus
Arizona (Burgundy/Yellow) + Onyx Jabiru

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Jabiru Bundle

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We have bundled together all you need to use both the tops and bottoms of bottles. Up-cycle effectively using the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter, sand down the sharp edges with the Kinkajou Finishing Kit and re-use the bottle tops with the Jabiru Bottle Top Stems. It's the perfect bundle to get you started with bottle cutting!

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Includes 1 Kinkajou Bottle Cutter, 1 Kinkajou Finishing Kit and 1 set of Jabiru Bottle Top Stems.


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