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What is a Kinkajou ?

Named after the small South American mammal with big teeth, the Kinkajou is a bottle cutter with a new twist. The cutters currently available on the market are big and bulky and not very interesting to look at. My design was meant to be simple to operate, easy to store and more aesthetically pleasing; something you wouldn’t mind keeping in your kitchen.

The Kinkajou helps you recycle your used soda, beer and wine bottles.

Watch this video for a demonstration.


Why do I want to cut bottles and what can I do with these?

You can do many things with cut bottles. You can use them as glasses, vases, candle holders, lamps, and special gifts just to name a few. Other ideas include:

- Creating Drinking Glasses
- Recycling or up cycling
- Creating Flower Vases
- Re-purposing a bottle with sentimental value
- Creating a special and unique gift

Click here to see the different things you can do with cut bottles.

What kind of bottles can I cut?

The Kinkajou has been designed to cut round bottles from the smallest beer bottle to large 1.5 liter magnums (43mm to 102mm). 

Have you had any luck cutting square bottles?

Unfortunately this version of the Kinkajou can only cut round bottles. I have some ideas on creating a cutter that cuts other shapes but this is currently not available.

What are the stencils and paints (found in the premium bundle) used for?

The stencils and paints are used to permanently mark the bottles. Once the bottle is painted, place the bottle in the oven to bake the paint on. It then becomes dishwasher safe and you are free to design your bottles as you like.

How many bottles can I cut before the cutting wheel becomes dull?

The Kinkajou will come with an industrial grade 9.9 millimeter carbide cutting wheel. I don’t have an exact number of bottles but it should be in the hundreds. A replacement cutting wheel will also be available.

What is the success rate with cutting bottles?

My success rate with my prototype was very good, the final product is better. That being said the more bottles you cut, the better you get at it, and you start to get a feel for it. The success rate then starts to climb easily into the 95 % range.

Will it be available in stores?

We've had many requests from various companies expressing interest in carrying the Kinkajou. Please visit the wholesale page for more details. 

Why is the cutting wheel is missing from the small glass cutting tool? 

We have purposely had the cutting wheel removed from the hand tool because it is not needed with the kinkajou. We include this tool for the small slots that can be used to break off some of the edges that may be left over after the separation process. 

My order was shipped internationally and I have not received it yet. When can I expect it?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class International Shipping is the least expensive method of shipping, however, packages are NOT tracked once they leave the US. It can take up to 30 business days for packages to be delivered with this method.