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Soy Candle Making Kit Instructions


Making candles in your cut bottles is an easy and fun project. Always use bottles that have been sanded down well so that the lip is well polished and not sharp anymore. The Saber Tooth Diamond Sanding Pads are the perfect tool for that job!

 We used a 2 cup glass pyrex measuring cup to melt the wax in the microwave. Approximately 2 cups of soy wax melts in about 2-3 minutes generally. We recommend not leaving the microwave unattended and always use hot pads or oven mitts when handling the hot glass container.

 After about 2 minutes, the wax is no longer solid but not quite fully melted yet either. Give it a stir with a plastic spoon or popsicle stick and put it back in the microwave for another minute.

 The wax is much clearer when fully melted. This will disperse the scent more evenly (if using any) and allows the wax to set more consistently as well.

 Once the wax is fully melted, place the wooden wick in the centre of the bottom of the bottle in the metal clip.

 To keep the wick in the centre we have been using strips of tape to keep it in place.

Once the wax has set, the metal clip should be in the centre. This will allow for more efficient and even burning.  We have found that the wax tends to set more evenly without holes in bottles with a smaller diameter such as beer bottles versus larger wine bottles.


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