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Bottle Cutting Inc was born out of an idea and a Kickstarter campaign.

We are a small company with big dreams.  Patrick Lehoux, the founder of the company was introduced to the concept of crowd funding and became driven to develop something the world hadn’t seen.  He developed a prototype for the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter and ran his first Kickstarter campaign and brought the Kinkajou to the market.  

Pat has run a total of 3 successful Kickstarter campaigns raising over $175,000 total and has brought 3 unique bottle cutting products to life.

Thank you to all of our Kickstarter backers and to those who use and enjoy our products.  The bottle cutting community is world wide and we are just getting started!

If you have any questions please contact us at

Our Third Kickstarter project "Firefly LED Pendant Light Kits" raised $21,582

Click here to visit the kickstarter Firefly project page.

Our second Kickstarter project "The Jabiru Bottle Cutter" raised $75,526

Click here visit the kickstarter Jabiru project page.

Our first Kickstarter project "The Kinkajou Bottle Cutter" raised $80,946


Starting this unique business of creating things and selling them required many risks and pushed me out of my comfort zone. This one leap of faith has changed my life and the life of my family and for this I am extremely grateful, to that end I’m happy to announce that I’ve found a way to pay it forward. I am setting aside a portion of all profits to help those most in need. Since I launched this product over a year ago I have received hundreds of emails from individuals and organizations all over the world asking me to donate some bottle cutting equipment so that they can try to earn a living form this craft. Up-cycling bottles is a great way to create some income especially when great looking bottles are rampant.  We have sent and continue to send Bottle Cutting Kits all around the world to support various causes across the globe.  Here are just a few examples:


At Bottle Cutting Inc. we like to give back and keep the good karma flowing. A while back, we sent a few Kinkajou bottle cutters in support of Bali Life and the Green School Shop in Indonesia. Since then, a small business has been developed where women use the Kinkajou to make products to sell. These widowed women now have a safe place to come to and be productive and now have an active role in supporting their children.




Beyond the Surface International in Kodi Bengre, Karnataka, India

Nine young surfers at the Shaka Surf Club participated in our bottle cutting workshop made possible by Bottle Cutting Inc.


The full write up, including a video link can be found here.


Fundación Yepéz A. C. (Mexico) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Sea Turtles as well as other community conservation projects through sustainable methods. They also organize events and other environmental projects such as reforestation campaigns, beach cleaning campaigns, recycling programs, environmental education etc. Their main goal is to help protect sea turtles in our area by patrolling the beach which is a vital nesting habitat. Every day and night they patrol the 43 km long beach (by foot or by quadbike when they have one) to help protect the female turtles that come to lay their eggs on our beach. They also monitor all the nests as some require moving to a safe location. In this way we can help protect this endangered species. The founders of this project started to protect and save Sea Turtles in 1967 on this beach. Thanks to them and their hard work, we still have the opportunity to continue this critically important battle, to help save the turtles.

Thank you so much, we love it and have been making lots of stuff to sell to raise funds for the endangered sea turtles here in Mexico, everyone wants to see the Kinkajou and think its the best tool ever, we could not agree more!!! 
Peppi Stunkel



Toronto Tool Library  

The Toronto Tool Library is a project run by the Institute for a Resource-Based Economy (IRBE), a registered non-profit organization in Toronto. IRBE’s mission is to become the leading educational institution promoting a new economic system that connects the environment and our economy to achieve a sustainable society. This system, entitled a ‘Resource Based Economy’, challenges our current growth economy and proposes a steady-state economic model based upon our scientific understanding of our planet and the resources and ecosystems which we depend on for our survival.

The Kinkajou's have been fantastic! So far we've run a workshop where we cut wine bottles to be used as light fixtures and the Kinkajou's have been signed out a bunch of times from the Tool Library. This Thursday we're having an open house at our brand new location at 1803 Danforth and we'll be doing a bottle-cutting demonstration using some Sleeman's bottles. 
Thanks again for your generous support.
Warm regards,
Ryan Dyment, Executive Director
Institute for a Resource-Based Economy /


The mission of the Charity Wings Art & Craft Center is to be an inspiring place for people of all ages to Gather, Give Back and Create; as well as to partner with other charities to give free classes to those who can benefit from the Hope, Happiness, and Healing that art can provide!


Located in San Marino California in the US, Bottle Cutting Inc has supported their creativity by providing some Kinkajous to help with bottle cutting classes.





If you feel you have a non-profit cause that could benefit from this program, please send an email to with the subject line " Giving Back"

Click here visit the kickstarter Kinkajou project page.

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