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Saber Tooth Bundle
Green (green/blue) + Saber Tooth
Black (black/blue) + Saber Tooth
White (white/blue) + Saber Tooth
Yellow (yellow/black) + Saber Tooth
Gator (blue/orange) + Saber Tooth
Janey (purple/orange) + Saber Tooth
Fiji (aqua/white) + Saber Tooth
Arizona (burgundy/gold) + Saber Tooth
Michigan (dark green/white) + Saber Tooth
Florida (blue/gold) + Saber Tooth
Bubblegum (pink/white) + Saber Tooth
Canadian (red/white) + Saber Tooth
Katey (grey/pink) + Saber Tooth

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Saber Tooth Bundle

By far our most popular item, the Saber Tooth Bundle includes everything you need to get started on your bottle cutting adventures.  Included are 1 Kinkajou Bottle Cutter and 1 Saber Tooth Diamond Sanding Pad Kit.  These are the 2 essentials needed for cutting and finishing pretty much any bottle in five minutes or less.

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The Saber Kit includes:

1 60 grit saber tooth diamond sanding pad
1 400 grit saber tooth diamond sanding pad
12 sheets of 2000 grit wet/dry sand paper

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A cut above

Everyday, Pat and Jen work from a small home office in Northern Ontario, Canada. They listen to customers and strive to develop a community of people who enjoy do-it-yourself projects, who love gadgets and creating unique and personalized items for their home and of course who see up-cycling as important. The product line for Bottle Cutting Inc is always going to be in a growth phase. The wheels are always turning and there is always something new just over the horizon.

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