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Firefly LED Pendant Lights


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The Firefly LED Pendant Lights are designed and ready for manufacturing.  The Kickstarter campaign is LIVE :)

The pendant light kit was something that I have been designing in the back of my mind since the successful launch of the Kinkajou bottle cutter. I tested several prototypes and made modifications along the way to settle on the design of the silicone insert that would allow proper functioning without becoming too hot and still maintain the perfect fit for the large majority of bottlenecks.  The easy disconnect at the bottle end was also something that took some ingenuity.  Finally, I am happy with the end product that I call the Firefly.   The Kinkajou bottle cutter and the Firefly pendant light kit will allow for some beautiful, unique personal touches in the home while up-cycling some of those gorgeous glass bottles out there.


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