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Kinkajou Project #1

Embellished Candle Holders

By Bottle Cutting Inc.

My day started with a saki bottle, a bottle of prosecco and a small absolute bottle.  I cut them all and sanded the edges.  


Removing the labels was one of the most trying steps.  The vodka bottle had a plastic label that I removed before cutting to ensure the separation would happen.  With the paper labels, I found that pouring a bit of rubbing alcohol over them loosened them enough to scrape the label off with my thumb nail.  The residue came off real easy with hot water, dish soap and a kitchen scrubby sponge.  

Once the bottles were cut and sanded, I cleaned them all thoroughly with alcohol.  

There are 3 different embellishments used; lace decoupage, metal sheet and mosaic mirrored pieces.    


The lace I cut to size and decoupaged it right on the bottle and it took 24 hours to dry.  The metal sheet I cut with tin snips, secured it around the bottle and fastened it with tiny twist ties.  The mirrored mosaic tiles were attached with a good glass glue and this one took some patience, waiting for each tile to dry before moving on to the next.



There are all different colours of bottles out there and with the warmth of a small candle inside and some embellishments on the outside, the possibilities are endless!

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