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Kinkajou Project #10


by Tonia Scicluna, US

1. I started collecting wine and beer bottles and a friend gave me several different kinds of whisky bottles.
2. I used the Kinkajou to cut the bottles and the sandpaper that came with the Kinkajou to sand down the sharp edges of the cut glass
3. For the Fish Bowl I cut the bottle and sanded the edges. I then glued round magnets to the inside of both pieces so when you put the top of the bottle back on to the bottom the magnets kept the two pieces together. I put blue marbles on the bottom and then put the Beta fish in it.
4. For the Terrarium I did the same as I did on the fish bowl and then planted succulents in it.
5. For the Bottle Chime I strung chain threw the middle of it and colored beads at the bottom for a little more decoration.
1. Beer, wine and whisky bottles
2. A Kinkajou Bottle Cutter
3. Sand Paper (Finishing Kit)
4. Magnets, marbles, fish,
5. Succulents
6. Chain, beads
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