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Kinkajou Project #14

Girlfriend's Favourite

by Lucas Alcalde of Brazil

1. Between all the wine bottles we have at home (blue, clear and green) we decided to go with the green one to match our living room decoration and because colored wine bottles seem to be thicker than clear ones.
2. Sometimes during the scoring process it’s hard to get the scoring line to line up perfect but this won’t be a problem in the Girlfriend’s Favorite project!! Just put the Kinkajou flat on a table or countertop, place the bottle on the middle and score it; perfect straight line guaranteed!!
3. So after scoring and separating the bottom from the body of the bottle, I took to sanding.  I highly recommend the Kinkajou Finishing Kit (or Deluxe Kit) for a project like this because it takes a lot of sanding with the various grits of sand paper to get the edges nice and smooth again.
4. The tea light candle is super easy to find and essential for this project!
5. The coaster and the coffee table were DWI project as well made with a marble tile and wooden crates. This is an elegant solution for wine bottles that will cost you nearly nothing to make and have fun during the process! 
1. An empty bottle of wine
2. A Kinkajou Bottle Cutter and Included Accessories
3. Sand Paper (Finishing Kit)
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