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Kinkajou Project #15

Wedding Bottle Centerpieces Inspired by the Beauty and The Beast’s Enchanted Rose 

by Dean Cuanso of the Philippines

STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS: We arranged flowers for a wedding on March 8 and used cut bottles as flower holders for the center pieces. Here’s how we did it with the help of the Kinkajou Bottle cutter.


  1. Collected empty 750 ml Emperador Bottles. Cleaned and prepared them for cutting.
  2. Scored about an inch from the bottom.


3.  Cut . Sanded the edges

4.  Glued the detached bottom to the mouth or opening of the bottle using silicone.

5.  Used double sided tape to secure 1 inch wide diamond mesh around the bottom for added sparkle.


6.  On the day of the wedding,  I arranged paper roses inside the dome (bottle upside-down). The top was also decorated with fresh altroemeria flowers.


  1. Empty  Emperador  Brandy Long Neck Bottles (I used 10 for this project)

  2. A kinkajou bottle cutter
  3. Sand paper
  4. Diamond mesh
  5. Silicone
  6. Double sided tape
  7. Floral foam
  8. Altroemeria flowers
  9. Paper roses
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