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Kinkajou Project #17

Bottle bottom sun catcher

By Stephen McGinn of the UK


1. To begin with I cleaned an empty beer bottle which was a discarded one found in a nearby flowerbed. Using my Kinkajou cutter, I scored the bottle as low down as possible, just above the embossed volume lettering. I separated the bottle using hot and cold water pouring, and then briefly rubbed the cut edge with a sanding pad to flat it for gluing. 


2. I cut a circle of 3mm clear glass approximately 4-5mm larger than the cut bottle end , and the glued it to the cut edge of the bottle bottom, in effect to create a flat lid with a small rim.

3. Next I selected a complimentary coloured piece of glass (in this case streaky orange to blend in with a brown beer bottle), and cut a 100x100mm square, marking on it a central cross to divide it into four smaller squares. I then placed the upturned bottom bottle in the centre and drew round it. 

4. I cut along the lines on the coloured square, creating four smaller squares, and then cut along the drawn lines of the circle to create the hole for the bottle centre, sanding any rough edges. When complete, the design will push together closely.

5. I then wrapped all the glass edges with 6mm copper foil, and tinned and soldered the foiled pieces together. I soldered a small wire loop to one corner to allow for hanging. Patina and polish were added to darken and complete the look preferred, though this is optional.

6. A final clean with glass cleaner, then hang and enjoy in a window with a chain or a suction cup.


1. Empty beer bottle

2. A Kinkajou Bottle Cutter and Included Accessories

3. 100x100mm square of stained glass

4. 100x100mm square of 3mm clear glass

5. Daylight curing glass glue

6. Fine-tip black sharpie pen

7. 6mm copper foil tape

8. Handheld glass cutter

9. Soldering iron, 60/40 (K) solder and flux.

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