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Kinkajou Project #18

Coca-Cola wine glass

by Crystal Alstad of Canada

This is a very difficult bottle to cut, great job!


1. Take an empty Coca-Cola bottle and score just below the bottom part of the label.  They can be a little tricky to cut with as the bottle isn’t smooth so take your time!

2. Use sandpaper to smooth out any sharp and rough edges you get from cutting.  Do this for both the top and the bottom of the glass.

3. Once edges are cleaned and smoothed wash bottle pieces with soap and water to make sure they are completely clean!

4. Next take the bottle neck and put a line of silicone on the lip of it.  Take the bottom of the bottle (the cup) center and place on top of the bottle neck.  Turn upside down so the “glass” is sitting on its top and run a line of silicone around the cup and the stem of the glass.  Smooth this silicone out so it looks nice 

5. Turn glass back over so it is right side up and let the silicone cure for at least 24 hrs.

6. Your done!  Enjoy your new coke wine glass 


1. Glass Coca-Cola bottle

2. A Kinkajou Bottle Cutter 

3. Sand Paper 

4. Silicone, the kind that will bond glass

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