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Kinkajou Project #2

Baby Shower Decoration

by Bottle Cutting Inc.

Ever since I have been working for Bottle Cutting Inc. I go to the liquor store to find inspiration.  (You can interpret that how ever you like).  The small saki bottle I used in week one for a candle holder, came with a pink sister.  But I was using the old version of the separation rings and when I was separating the pink bottle, the ring rolled up the taper and the bottom part of the bottle got a huge stress crack.  No fear!  I still had the beautiful top.  One of the reasons why we redesigned the separation rings was to prevent that rolling, as tapers can be a real challenge.



When I saw these bottles I thought of a baby shower and so I decided to put the pink and blue Jabirus to use from the Friday Night Fun pack.  The Kinkajou and Jabirus are great tools to help create some unique and personalized party centre pieces, decorations and memorable conversation starters.



I dug out some baby theme accessories and threw this together in a matter of a few minutes.

There are never enough games at a baby shower!  Let your guests have a vote as to whether they think it is a girl or a boy.  Provide some small pieces of paper and a pencil for people to write their name on and submit their vote in either the pink or blue homemade vase.


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