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Kinkajou Project #22

Solar powered Glow Lights for your Patio/Deck /garden by Martha

1. I've made several of these in varied heights---usually 4 to 6 inches when finished. After removing the label, I cut the bottle to the desired height & smooth the top. To make them more decorative, I usually paint the outside but it isn't at all necessary
2. Any of the solar stake lights will work as long as it matches the diameter of the bottle. A slight twist will separate the top of the light from the base leaving you with a disk shaped piece---reminds me of a hockey puck. This is the solar panel. The one I have pictured is a small one I used to top a beer bottle.
3. The small amount of the shredded iridescent material I added is optional but adds more surfaces to reflect the light.
4. Pull the tab to activate the battery & glue the solar panel to the wine bottle. Set it in full sunlight to charge the battery & enjoy the soft glow by night.
1. Empty wine/beer bottle
2. Bottle Cutter
3. Sand Paper for finishing
4. A solar stake light with a diameter to match that of the bottle.
5. Iridescent shredded packaging material. (The type used for gift bags or Easter baskets) Optional
6. Epoxy type glue
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