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Kinkajou Project #24

Decorative Airplant Holder by Bettina

Step by step instructions, tips and tricks:
1.  Score several wine bottles (number depends on how many airplants you have), separate, and sand. You will use the upper part of the wine bottle for this project, so make sure you make the score line closer to the top of the bottle (1-2 inches below the bottle neck).
2.  Paint a couple layers of sealer on your tree branch and leave to dry.
3.  Thread jute through the center of the upper part of the wine bottle on either side on the bottle, leaving enough of a loop at the top so that you will be able to slide it on the tree branch hanger. The cut bottle piece will be suspended with the very top of the bottle facing downwards.
4.  Make as many of these cut bottle airplant holders as you need for your airplants.
5.  To add further interest, you can make airplant holders out of other upcycled or found objects for the same hanger. For example, in addition to the cut glass bottle holders, I made a few more holders out of a tea infuser, both parts of a wooden ring box, and I also made a little airplant hammock out of coffee stirrers and yarn, and made metal spiral holders too. When it comes to airplants, only your imagination is the limit as far as possible display options.
6.  Once you have assembled the cut bottle holders and any other holders you may have created, it is time to slide them onto the tree branch. Wrap jute around either end of  the tree branch, leaving a loop to suspend from ceiling.
7.  Attach hooks to ceiling in front of a window, and suspend tree branch from these hooks via the jute loops.
8.  Voila, enjoy the beautiful simplicity you have created, and take good care of your airplants!
A complete list of all required materials:
Kinkajou bottle cutter
Several wine bottles
Other up-cycled or found objects that could serve as an airplant holder (e.g. old wooden ring box, tea infuser, metal wire spirals)
A nice smooth tree branch, about 4 foot long
Multi-purpose sealer and paint brush
Hooks to suspend airplant holder from ceiling
Small airplants – if you are not yet the proud owner of these critters, you can find them on Amazon (Note: they do not need soil or any other kind of growing medium, but do need to be submerged overnight in water once a week)
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