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Kinkajou Project #25

Bing-Bong Wind Chimes

Step by Step Instructions
· Remove lowest point possible of bottom of the chosen bottle.

· sand edges with provided sanding paper
· remove swivel from clasp
· Usually the wooden knob or baby doll head needs to be drilled through so the chain can pass through
· measure 8" of chain remove link with pliers
· Attach said piece to key ring and the other end to the swivel
· measure (Usually it's the same size but it may vary depending on the size bottle you use) 9.25" of chain for the inside of the bottle and slide on the drilled out wooden ball
· Attach the clasp
· Attach the remainder of chain link to second key ring
· Attach key ring to the  flag or wind catcher

· Feed the swivel through the bottom of bottle and out to the top and attach the third key ring to the swivel
· Hang and enjoy the wonderful sound of the bing-bong wind chime.
(In one of the photos there are two other examples of wind chime methods: pink painted wine bottle wind chime; cascading beer bottle neck wind chime.)
Materials needed: (decorations are optional)
· Liquor/wine bottle
· KINKAJOU bottle cutter, provided accessories and sanding paper
· Three 1" diameter key rings
· one #1 size fishing swivel and clasp
· 24" -30" in length, small link chain (smaller than 3/16")
· one 1.75"-2" wooden ball knob with 3/16" hole or craft wooden baby doll head with 3/16" hole.
· 2 small needle nose pliers.(take apart fishing clasp from swivel and to remove links)
· wind catcher or as we call it a flag.
· drill
· 3/16" drill bit
· optional stencils, rubber stickers and paint
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