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Kinkajou Project #26

Wine Bottle Cupcake Stand

1. Select your wine bottle – this would be beautiful with a painted label or use a clear bottle if you plan to paint the final product.  
2. Select your plates – I found a glass dinner plate and dessert plate at the thrift store for $0.50 each.  Any two plates will work but one should be smaller than the other.
3. Score and separate the bottle using the Kinkajou Bottle Cutting kit about an inch below the curve of the bottle neck.
4. If you plan to paint, spray the inside of the wine bottle and bottom of the glass plates so that the painted portion won’t come in contact with food. Follow the directions on your spray paint and let dry.
5. Glue the cupcake stand together. Use to display cupcakes or stack with balls for a charming holiday centerpiece.
1. 1 wine bottle (use a clear bottle if you plan to paint it)
2. 2 plates – one larger and one smaller (use glass if you plan to paint them)
3. Spray paint (optional)
4. Hot glue gun
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