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Kinkajou Project #27

Ice wine bottle dinner bell ’Northern Ontario Camp style’
by Rod Stewart of ON

Step by step Instructions

1.  Drink and enjoy the bottle’s contents!

2.  Clean and Dry the bottle thoroughly

3.  Remember safety gloves, googles & dust mask

4.  Cut the end from the bottle using your Kinkajou bottle cutter per all of the instructions ( tip keep rubber rings less than 1’’ apart on the bottle)

5.  Grind the cut bottle (keep the bottom for another project!) I use a rechargeable dremel style tool for the rough edges Remember safety gloves, googles & dust mask!

6.  Sequentially sand the moistened rim on   coarse, medium, fine emery cloth then finish/polish on 400 wet sandpaper

7.  Carefully drill the cork through (top to bottom)

8.  Force the cork into the bottle

9.  Place the Bottle Neck Shrink Wrap on the bottle and quickly dip in boiling water to secure the wrap in place

10.  With a small knife pierce the top of the wrap

11.  Fish the fishing line through the cork and into the bottle ( leave about a foot of line out of each end of the bottle and cork)

12.  Tie the lures to the end of the fishing line which if protruding from the end of the bottle

13.  Pull the line tight until the lures are just in the bottle and tie the brass ring to secure the chimes

14.  Apply a small amount of glue or silicon sealant to the end of the bottle

15.  and Place the child’s bracelet over the bottle end

Voila a dinner bell chime worthy of Downton Abbey

Bottle: Kittling Ridge Ice Wine and Brandy (LCBO listing LCBO#: 558999   |   375 mL bottle)

Other materials

  • Your trusty Kinkajou bottle cutter
  • Two small colourful fishing lures
  • 3’ of12lb fishing line
  • Bottle cork or top
  • One wine bottle Neck Shrink Wrap ( available at your local ubrew outlet)
  • One shiny kid’s bracelet available at your local dollar store
  • 1’” brass ring (Michaels outlet)
  • Tube of super glue or clear silicon caulk
  • Assorted sheets of emery cloth and wet sand paper
  • Drill with 1/8” bit
  • Pot of boiling water
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