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Kinkajou Project #28

Green Vined Griz

by Barbara US


1.  I started with a beautiful dark green bottle. I do not remember the kind of bottle.  But I cleaned off the label  with hot soapy water.  Then I scored the bottle with my green Kinkajou.  Separating was done with hot and cold water dunks.

2. Sanding was done with a not so good sanding pad that was laying around and 400 grit sanding paper. I was actually getting online here to buy your new sanding pads when I found this giveaway.  They have to be way better than what I have been using.  And hopefully save me time.  

3. Next I drilled two small holes in the glass for my Concho. I then rewashed the bottle so my glue for the décor would work properly.  I attached the griz paw with glass and metal glue.  Then I added vines and stars to the mix. 

4. For hanging I formed a tealight holder from recycled copper(purchased from the recycling center- it costs less there), added a ring at the top and beads at the bottom.



  1. A dark green wine bottle
  2. A Kinkajou Bottle Cutter and Included Accessories
  3. Sand paper and an old sanding pad.

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