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Kinkajou Project #3

Treasured Vase

by Bottle Cutting Inc.

In Canada, we have some vineyards that are in the right location to make the most amazing ice wine.  One of my favourites is the Cabernet Franc ice wine and its usually something we would enjoy on a special occasion like an anniversary.  With the Kinkajou and some nice embellishments, I can save the bottle and cherish it everyday as a part of my home decor.

The bottle was a very small diameter, smaller than a beer bottle but the Kinkajou was able to cut it no problem.  The separation rings were too small so I used some thick elastic bands, which didn't work as well and created stress cracks on the top section upon separation.  But I was left with a nice frosted vase.

It took a lot of sanding to get the edge nice and smooth because the bottle was so thick, but it turned out great.  I painted a little detail on with some stencils and added some metal tape embellishments at the bottom.

I treated myself to some pretty little roses and now the enjoyment of that bottle of Cabernet Franc ice wine is limitless.

This would be a great anniversary gift for a loved one!  

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