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Kinkajou Project #4

Home Made Drinking Glasses

by Bottle Cutting Inc.

Beer drinkers become very attached to their favourite brand and the Kinkajou can help keep those brands around and make them useful.  This week I grabbed an old 6 pack of empty Corona bottles that were laying around and decided to turn them into a gift.  These bottles are great because of the painted label, they are great to cut and separate and they are quite popular.  The only complaint I have about them is the rotting line slices that need to be dealt with.


So after scoring and separating them all, I took to sanding.  I highly recommend the Kinkajou Finishing Kit (or Deluxe Kit) for a project like this because it takes a lot of sanding with the various grits of sand paper to get the edges nice and smooth again.

The other trick to this project is using the top of the white painted label to ensure you are cutting all the bottles to the same size.


The glasses even come with their own packaging.  Keep the case, put a bow on it and you have a great gift for someone who loves their brand, or a  personalized hostess gift or just a gift that has a lot of meaning with its thought and personal effort.

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