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Kinkajou Project #5

Fly Catcher

 by Bottle Cutting Inc.

This week I put together a real easy project that makes use of both the top and bottom of the bottle.  I chose a nice dark bottle because that keeps me from seeing all the dead and dying bugs that gather.


After getting a nice perfect score line, it took a few cycles of hot and cold water to get the bottle to separate because the glass is so thick.  As you can see as well, I cut just before the taper starts because it is very hard to get a good score line along the taper.  After separating, I just used the 80 grit sand paper on the 3 sharp edges of both the top and bottom (the flat face of the cut, and the inside and outside rims) because I am not too concerned about the finish for this project.


Then it's as simple as pouring a bit of cider vinegar into the bottom portion and then slipping the top upside down into the bottom.  The flies fly in attracted to the smell of the vinegar and then have a hard time flying out of the little hole.  


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