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Kinkajou Project #6

Candy Dishes

by Bottle Cutting Inc.

 With all of the candy around this week, I decided to take a nice small bottle and turn it into 2 versions of candy dishes.  I started with a mini champagne bottle, cut it in 2 and sanded away.


Again I used a kitchen scrubber and a little bit of dish soap to get the label remnants off.  I have had a few bottle cutters ask me how I preserve the labels on the bottles.  Generally I don't, I remove them and I tend to use nicely painted bottles for my projects as well.  I just haven't found something that is safe to use on glass ware or to eat from.  

To add a little something extra to make the dishes a little more unique, I put a little battery powered LED at the bottom.

Part of the benefit of the Kinkajou bottle cutter is to create things for your home that nobody else has.  The one of a kind projects are great conversation starters.



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