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Kinkajou Project #8

Up-cycled Wine Candles

by Ashley Crist, US


  1. I started off scoring all my wine bottles using the Kinkajou.
  2. After scoring each wine bottle, I would run it under hot and cold water, alternating between the two until the glass cracked and I was left with the bottom half of my wine bottle.
  3. Next I would sand down the edges of the cut glass and quickly rinse out the shavings. The bottles would be set aside and left to dry until the following day. The next morning, I turned on my slow cooker to melt the soy wax flakes and scented oil.
  4. Using a ladle, I filled one bottle at a time with the melted wax. Once poured, I positioned the wood wick in the center of the bottle using a highly sophisticated state-of-the-art reinforcement system: a couple of left over plastic fast food knives. Because I had limited space and time, I only did about 3-4 bottles a night. But you could do as many as you would like and have space for.
  5. After letting the wax cool and harden over night there would usually be one or two “sink holes” where the wax had contracted inwards, so I would pour more wax to fill in the holes.
  6. Once the wax had hardened again and settled evenly inside the wine bottle, I cut the wicks down with scissors and started making tags for the wine bottles.
  1. -Wine Bottles
  2. -Kinkajou
  3. -Wicks (Wood or Cotton)
  4. -Soy Wax
  5. -Essential Oil (optional)
  6. -Slow Cooker with Ladle or Wax Pitcher with Thermometer
  7. -Hemp Twine
  8. -Brown Tags or Cardstock
  9. -Distressed Ink pads and Stamps
FINAL PROJECT: Homemade, "up-cycled” wine candles.
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