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Kinkajou Project #9

Fountain Wall and Flowerbed

by Mike Weiss, US


  1. Figure out how long it will take to drink enough wine to create a flower garden fountain wall.
  2. Research how to cut bottles (and a lot of them) stumble upon the Kinkajou site and purchase my first Kinkajou.
  3. Start drinking, then learn how to cut the bottle. (cut over 100 total bottles with one Kinkajou, and still cutting strong)
  4. Start construction on the foundation of the flower bed.
  5. Complete the foundation, add a scratch coat for the stone, add holes for the fountains.
  6. Plumb the fountain and confirm everything works.
  7. Decide to put LED lights in the top row of bottles, measure out the bottles and cut the holes for the lights.
  8. Start applying the stone.
  9. Cement in the bottles in.
  10. Add dirt, then plant flowers.
  11. Sit back, relax, and enjoy what we’ve created using the Kinkajou while we think about our next bottle cutting project.




  1. 100 various wine bottles (79 actually made it on the wall
  2. A Kinkajou Bottle Cutter and Included Accessories
  3. Stone
  4. Building supplies (wood, nails)
  5. Dirt
  6. Flowers
  7. Plumbing supplies for the fountains
  8. Water pump
  9. Electrical box, wire
  10. Remote wireless switch

Final Project:  Fountain Wall and Flower Bed



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