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Over the past year we have been dedicated to bringing you user friendly, cost effective ways to up cycle your favourite glass bottles with the Kinkajou and now Jabiru.  We have listened to your feedback along the way, which led to some upgrades and changes to a few of our products.  We are grateful for the opportunity to bring bottle cutting products to life that people love to use.  Here are a few great comments from loyal customers.


"I have a large home bar and end up with lots of interesting empty bottles.  I'd never heard of bottle cutting before I found the Jabiru Kickstarter and the Kinkajou bottle cutter.  After only 3 practice cuts, I was getting quality results and moved up to cut the good bottles.  Now I've got an extensive set of new bar glasses that will start some great conversations, including some awesome looking wine glasses thanks to the Jabiru."

Josh Pressnell  Ohio US


"...I couldn't wait to try it.  After 2 failed attempts with some wine bottles I finally got the hook of it.  Minutes later I had a new beer mug, a wine glass and a flowerpot.  I love playing with my Kinkajou.  It's very easy and fun to use!"

Marius Bovet  Winterhur Switzerland


..."I've been wanting to get into bottle cutting for about 5 years but could never find a device that was both easy to operate and safe.  When I watched Patrick's videos on how easy the Kinkajou was at cutting bottles, I purchased one right away.  Granted, it does take some practice to get that perfect cut and separation process, the process is easily enough learned...I highly suggest both the Kinkajou and Jabiru to anyone who would like to get into the hobby of bottle cutting"

Dion Rupa  New York US


"I love my Kinkajou!  I've used it to make numerous glasses out of all different bottles.  They are always a talking point at the house when we have's incredibly easy to use"

Nick Greos


"Love my kinkajou. I have cut about 20 bottles over the last month."

Wayne Wolcott


"I was extremely impressed with the Kinkajou cutter. My main objective was to find some consistency in the cuts, as well as a bottle cutter that actually worked.

The Kinkajou was easy to work with and offered the consistent cuts that I was looking for."

Nick Jager


"it's a great tool and I can't wait to make some more glasses!"

Robert Figures


"My very first bottle cut with just a little roughness. The hardest part was taking of the label. Very impressed. Thank you"

Buffie Mawhinney 


"My first attempt was a success! Can't wait to cut more bottles! Thank You Kinkajou!"

Brian Hernandez


"Am having a blast with this glass cutter, works very well. Only draw back about it is that if you have smallish hands like me it can be a bit tricky to get around. Their website has great video tutorials and the bottle cutter is very durable. It came with quite a few helpful extras as well. Thank you!"

Dawn Hahn 


"Great tool!"

Loir Hicklin
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