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The Jabiru Bottle Top Stem

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About the Jabiru

Putting those gorgeous bottle tops to use, fashioning them into unique and personal stemmed glassware. The Kinkajou up-cycles again.

Named after the large after South American bird with great balance the Jabiru is a bottle top stem.

My design was meant to increase the usefulness of the Kinkajou, providing users with more unique glassware options. Its a simple idea that lead to a simple design that can make your personalized glassware a hit at any party. 


With the design completed and several prototypes later, the Jabiru is ready for the world, all it needs is a small financial push of $15,000 to get the first large manufacturing run going. The Kinkajou was my first kickstarter project and with all the unique glassware produced, bottle tops were all of a sudden in great supply and I wanted to put them to use as well. I spent some time finishing the edges on the cut bottle top and came up with the idea of the Jabiru. The Jabiru is a bottle top stem that slips easily onto virtually all bottle tops to provide a leak free base. The Jabiru is designed to fit all sizes of bottles, from small to large, providing a stable base for all bottle types. All of a sudden personalized glassware options have doubled.


Jabiru Snow Edition

Jabiru Onyx Edition

Jabiru Crystal Edition

Jabiru Friday Night Fun Edition

We need your support to start production. Upon reaching the financial goal of the project, the manufacturing will commence and all the backers will have helped to create another unique up-cycling do it yourself product.




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