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Bottle Cutting Inc was born out of an idea and a Kickstarter campaign. 

We are a small company with big dreams.  Patrick Lehoux, the founder of the company was introduced to the concept of crowd funding and became driven to develop something the world hadn’t seen.  He developed a prototype for the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter and ran his first Kickstarter campaign which made a little over $80,000.  This brought the Kinkajou to the market.  About six months later, becoming overwhelmed by the demands of this new venture, Pat gave up a great job with an engineering firm and contacted a colleague from University.  After having worked together for a few years solving business case studies in the MBA program, Pat and Jen started doing it in real life with the Kinkajou.

Listening closely to the feedback from the first 5000 Kinkajou owners, Pat decided to take a trip to the manufacturer in China to investigate the opportunity to make the Kinkajou easier to use.  After much deliberation, it was decided that production of the Kinkajou would stop while some minor changes were made to the design. 

After much anticipation, the new Kinkajou design is now available for purchase.  In the meantime, Pat conceptualized the second product that he wanted to bring to the world called the Jabiru bottle top stem.  The Kickstarter campaign for the Jabiru finished up in mid June, raising a little over $75,000, thus expanding the product line of Bottle Cutting Inc.

Everyday, Pat and Jen work from a small home office in Northern Ontario, Canada.  They listen to customers and strive to develop a community of people who enjoy do-it-yourself projects, who love gadgets and creating unique and personalized items for their home and of course who see up-cycling as important. The product line for Bottle Cutting Inc is always going to be in a growth phase.  The wheels are always turning and there is always something new just over the horizon. 


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